Saturday, April 3, 2010

Painting of Josh - Finished

Thought I would post a finished version of Josh.  I still plan to do another painting based off of the other sketch that I had posted earlier.  This particular piece along with Maycie have been accepted into the national juried show "Emerald Spring Exhibition" put on by the Emerald Art Center in Springfield, Or.  -so that was pretty nifty news. 

Here is another recent little piece.  I pass by this train-yard in Eugene often and it always seems to be most interesting to me when the weather is nasty.  Kind of reminds me of a ghost town.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Projects

New projects- Worked up a couple of quick 5"x7" sketches of Josh.  Josh is part of a cool little musical group from North West Christian University that visited our church a while back.  A superb violinist, I could listen to his playing all day.  There is just something about the sound of a violin!  Josh was kind enough to meet with me and play while I took a series of photos under a variety of  lighting conditions.

I would have liked to have had him pose live, but with busy schedules, photos will have to do for now.  I can't decide which version to paint first - should be a lot of fun!

I talked about my grand-daughter Maycie in my last entry.  Here is the finished painting of her.  The color sketch that I showed earlier really helped to keep me on track as this was a challenging piece for me.

 Maycie        oil 8"x10"